The Digital Difference

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The Digital Difference

Creating a digital workflow in your dental office can be an overwhelming process. 3D Models, prep guides, perfect margins, shade matching, and contour are all part of the it behind the scenes. Contact out laboratory to speak to a technician who can guide you through your digital dental needs. Whether you specialize in implants, inlays, onlays, or removable work, we structure our lab as a team to assist case by case if necessary.

Have you ever felt that your sales rep left you hanging with pertinent questions that are related to the success of the clinical process? Weil Dental Lab’s service team can assist you with impression-taking technique and supply you with any and all of the components it could take to complete the case digitally (such as a model-less implant workflow for nearly all implant systems on the market).

Call us today at (800) 343-7211 to speak with a digital dental expert.

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