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New Clients

Gregory Weil Dental Ceramic Studio is among the leading dental labs in America with a variety of full-service dental laboratory products. Our highly-experienced dental technicians are second to none in their attention to detail and exceptional work. Your patients will love their custom-designed implant abutments from our 510(k) compliant partners. We specialize in translucent zirconia, titanium, precious metals, e.max, partials, and dentures.

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We are dedicated to delivering only the best to our clients with products you can trust, all of which are premium quality and have not been outsourced. Allow us to show you why we are superior in dental lab products, services and communication for doctors, patients and laboratories.

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Products & Services



The consistency and durability of full-contour zirconia restorations has made it a favorite restorative option for many dentists. As the most durable all-ceramic material on the market, with average flexural strengths above 1,000 MPa, it’s also gentle on opposing dentition, making it an ideal solution for bruxing patients. Manufactured using our CAD/CAM digital workflow for maximum precision, all zirconia restorations are finished by our technicians to provide lifelike esthetics you won’t receive from production laboratories.

IPS e.max


Ivoclar Vivadent’s patented lithium disilicate ceramic, e.max’s high translucency makes it optimal for restorations in the facial region. Despite its natural shading, it’s more durable than conventional ceramics and traditional porcelain, with average strengths of 400 MPa, ensuring a long life. We hand press our e.max crowns. Not only does this technique provide higher strength than milling, it offers superior esthetics at the margin.

Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM)


Porcelain fused to metal’s 50-year track record makes it the most prescribed restorative ceramic in modern dentistry. Because its outer layer is stacked porcelain, our PFMs offer traditional esthetics. Copings can be fabricated from your choice of alloy, allowing you the flexibility to select the mix of biocompatibility, durability and affordability to suit every patient.

– Porcelain to Base Metal (Non-Precious)
– Porcelain to White Noble (Semi-Precious)
– Porcelain to Yellow High Noble

Full Gold Crowns

Gold Crown

Despite innovations in ceramic technology, full gold crowns are still the most biocompatible and plaque-resistant option available. Because gold is significantly softer than ceramics, it’s also the most gentle material on opposing dentition, making it an ideal solution for bruxers, particularly for posterior restorations when esthetic concerns aren’t a major consideration in treatment.



Esthetic treatment options don’t need to be out of reach for edentulous patients. Fabricated using the lightest, most durable acrylic bases available and matched with teeth that suit your patient’s age, sex and other esthetic needs, our dentures are finished to make them an esthetic removables solution. A great denture doesn’t merely look lifelike: It performs like natural teeth as well. We understand that denture wearers expect to eat their favorite foods, and craft ours to function as closely to natural dentition as possible.



Regardless of the type of partials your patient needs, our removables department is available to produce high-quality, esthetic solutions. From flexible partials and traditional acrylics to metal partials RPF frames, we use the best materials and teeth to achieve lifelike restorations.



Because our implant department works with all major platforms, planning implant cases with us is easy. Our custom designed abutments are fabricated by 510(k) compliant partners.



Because we believe a great fit is essential to dentures’ esthetics and functionality, we provide hard and soft reline services. Same-day service guarantees your patients won’t be inconvenienced without their dentures. All relines received by 10 a.m. are ready by 4 p.m.



There are few things worse than having to go without a denture or a partial during a repair, so we offer same-day repair service. All but the most complex repair cases received by 10 a.m. are ready by 4 p.m. and we offer a full range of repair options: Replacing or repairing teeth, repairing fractured bases and installing new clasps.

Mission Statement

It is the mission statement of Gregory Weil Dental Ceramic Studio to provide quality dental prosthetics to dental practitioners and restore natural dentition. If it sounds like we would be a good fit for you, please call us today at

(800) 343-7211.